Fault clouds

When the cross section of this cloud is clean, it indicates that Nius are of the same opinion and that the earthquake will be of a large scale.

Fauld cloud

Radial clouds

The number of radial rays and level of straightness seem to be in proportion with the scale of the earthquakes.

radial cloud

Vertical clouds

This type of clouds goes straight upward from around the earth surface, and their stability and thickness also indicate the level of the earthquake.

Vertical cloud

Bar-shaped clouds

The straightness and smoothness of this cloud again signify the scale of earthquakes.
The authors saw bar-shaped clouds from the airplane at the time of the Fukuoka Earthquake in 2005. At the time, the roundish, bar-shaped clouds made their beautiful appearance from around Fukushima Prefecture, extending to several hundred kilometers ahead. From a satellite photo, I later found that the top of these clouds was located off Fukuoka.


Individual clouds

Atoms of water, which have the same consciousness, gather and form various forms of their wish in the sky.
Clouds like bananas, rectangles and jellyfish show the form of atoms which came down on the Earth from the universe to make hold it still.
Clouds, like a profile, show that atoms have consciousness like humans.

Individual clouds

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