Posted by: clione | October 11, 2007

Huge earthquake

When Nius who constitute a human body are under control of something they dislike (religion, etc.), they begin to cry for help to the universe. This prompts a huge gas comet to dive into the earth in response to their call and create a hole on the film that covers the earth. Nius who constitute this film by holding each other’s hand, try to repair the hole in a hurry, thus causing a huge tremor or tsunami. This is followed by repeated earthquakes, because Nius, who have released each other’s hand at the shock of the comet’s clash, try to hold hands again.
(See cartoons on the reverse cover)

If it is a small dent on the earth crust, Ishikami atoms (Nius) ride on it in large numbers to fill and repair the dent, thereby preventing tsunamis.

* The earth crust is made of many soft Ishikami atoms (Nius) uniting with each other like a mixture of flour, becoming thinner and enveloping the earth surface. The united mass became something like an extended piece of gyoza dumpling, linked each other over the earth (circum-Pacific volcanic zone). The connected sections become loose with the passage of time and with the clash of comets, thereby making the earth weaker. As observed at the time of enormous Asian tsunami in 2004, the earth even comes to look dead temporarily. This is why Ishikami Nius assemble immediately when such dent is created. They try to repair the dent as quickly as possible, thus causing earthquakes and tsunamis if the dent is large.



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